Hi, my name is Jean-Pierre Kallanian, author of

What You Can Learn from Your Teenager:

Lessons in Parenting and Personal Growth.

Today I'm answering the question

how much involvement should a stepparent have

when it comes to career choice advice?

Stepparents should have as much

involvement as the topic merits.

If the child is nearing graduation,

clearly the topic may become more pertinent.

However, if you're the one always bringing the topic up,

then it may not be of interest to the stepchild.

Find ways to encourage dialogue about it through

topics in school, subject matter, what interests them,

what they're doing after school or volunteering

or even a part-time job they may have.

Tie into observations that you see,

and you do this by observing and asking questions,

which I suggest you do before you

jump in and give your input.

So ask open-ended questions, questions that result

in answers that require some thought,

such as what type of work environment

do you see yourself in?

What skills can you use in a career down the road?

What interests you when it comes to a job?

These questions do not result in yes or no,

but they may result in an I don't know,

and this is when you can give your feedback,

your advice based upon observations, and make it relevant

and attach it to an observation you've made

or a prior discussion you've had.

This shows that you care, that you're aware

and you're concerned, and it also makes the feedback more

relevant, as opposed to you just coming off as the expert.

I hope these few tips helped in furthering this discussion

about what your stepchild would like to do in the future.

Thank you and bye-bye.

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