This is an age old question.

My parents used to worry about me watching the TV,

limited me to two hours a day during school weeks.

Ah, it's just one of the things that occurs.

You have to realize that screen time is different

depending on what activity you are doing.

Screen time just watching a video is a bit

like watching a TV.

It's pretty inactive.

Screen time actually playing a game

or doing anything (laughs) other than just

plain watching a video is more acceptable.

It's not that much different from playing inside anything.

So if your children are already physically active,

you should consider limiting the amount of videos

to not too much but not otherwise restricting screen time.

The exception, of course, is that screen time,

like any sort of play activity,

can hype kids up before going to bed.

So it's probably best to leave these things aside

an hour before bed and instead have a book

or have some sort of quiet settling down time.

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