Sure, so we go based on our

clients' users data.

So as we see more and more users

of a new platform kick in,

that's where we start taking a look at it

once they pass the 5% point.

It's a point that they can start making an impact.

And then from there it's about keeping tabs on it

and seeing how well it does,

and making sure you're ahead of the curve

to figure out if you're gonna support the platform.

And predominantly what we're seeing is iOS.

Android in the last year has done quite a bit to compete.

I know the sales numbers are much more aggressive

and it seems like almost a 50/50

but in terms of at least

our clients' apps' data,

it's not at the 50/50 point yet.

It's gaining on pretty heavy.

It seems like a 70/30 split right now in terms of usage

of applications, but certainly it's been going up

quite aggressively and it's gonna change.

We haven't seen too much from Windows

or BlackBerry just yet.

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