Hi Nicolefaced.

Thanks for asking this interesting question,

"Is Donald Trump narcissistic, is he crazy,

"or is he just brilliant?"

I think he's all three of them.

He is brilliant when it comes to doing business.

He's clearly very good at making profits from real estate.

You don't get to become a billionaire

if you're not very good at something.

Is he crazy?


If you listen to the way he goes on and on

and on about himself, and about other people,

some of his policy recommendations

about building a wall and getting Mexico to pay for it.

Yes, there are indications of megalomania

as well as a bit of craziness.

I think you have to come up with a new word for that,

but is he also narcissistic?

Surely he is.

I think all politicians today have to be narcissistic

to believe that they, and they alone,

can fix such complex problems in this world,

and that they should go out there

and lead so many people.

Yes, you really have to love yourself

and have a very high opinion.

It's not just narcissism, but it's also narcissism mixed

with megalomania that I think prompts people

to seek the highest office in democratic societies.

They go around for a couple of years saying,

"I, I, I, I, I will do this.

"I will do this, I did this, I that."

So yes, he is also narcissistic,

but there's more to Donald Trump

than just these two things.

I think he's clearly running what is perhaps

the first post-policy presidential campaign,

which means policy is not important

but identity politics is more important,

so he wants to invoke images of great America.

He wants to make our goal greater gain.

He has a specific notion of who an American is,

and he wants to protect those Americans from foreigners.

He wants to build a wall, get foreigners to pay

for that wall to protect America, and so on, and so forth,

so yes, it's all about identity politics,

but under all of this,

I think that Donald Trump

is still a Democrat running under

the banner of a Republican.

He is for raising taxes for the rich.

He has not talked about repealing Obamacare

but replacing it with something better,

which means that it'll do everything

that Obamacare does, and will also include

things which are left out.

He is also not against entitlements,

and so when asked about some entitlements he said,

"No, I'll make America so great and so rich

"that we'll be able to afford these things."

So, I think that if he were to get elected,

and I'm sure that's really a long shot,

that if he were to get elected

he might actually rule from the center,

or left of center in some ways.

Commentators have referred to Bill Clinton

as the best Republican president we had in recent years.

Donald Trump might also be the best

Democratic president we may have--

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