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Hi there. This is Dr. Corey Howard

and I've got another great question.

And it is: Is there a health issue with

drinking one or two Cokes per day?

And the question really was Diet Cokes,

but let me address it kind of both ways.

Well, first of all, diet sodas have

absolutely no nutrient density.

Maybe that's why you're choosing them,

because you say "Well, if I give my kid regular Coke,

maybe he's just going to be fat."

Well, that would be the case.

High fructose corn syrup is absolutely terrible for you.

You're going to increase your risk of heart disease,

stroke, diabetes, and certainly obesity.

But let's look at the carbonation process itself.

Because that is part of the problem.

Carbonation and that little bit of bite that you get with

that soda, when you take that first sip, that's phosphorus.

That phosphorus alters the pH balance in your body,

and what that can do is cause a leeching out of calcium.

So that's not good. You've got growing kids.

You're leeching out the calcium.

Their bones are going to get weak.

The next you know, they're playing sports,

and bam, they break a bone, and you wonder why.

It's because they're drinking sodas.

And you say "Well, maybe not one or two per day."

But I say, yeah, why even bother?

Why take that risk at all?

Well, Coke, you're also going put the added

benefit of having caffeine.

And that's such a benefit, right?

Because caffeine itself is going to acidify the blood

a little bit, and also cause a leeching out, in addition

to possibly addicting the kid to caffeinated beverages,

which is something that you don't want to do as well.

It also causes palpitations, it increases anxiety,

especially when hormone levels are increasing.

So all kinds of problems with that.

What are some of the other things?

Well, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame,

and sucralose, and saccharine, have actually been

identified as a possible brain toxin.

It gets stuck in that neuron and can't get out,

and causes a decrease in flow of electrical current,

chemical and electrical current, through that neuron.

Now, here is another interesting

thing about artificial sweeteners.

They alter the gastrointestinal microflora.

Yes, it changes the bacterial profile,

actually increasing the firmicutes,

and possibly decreasing bacteroidetes.

Firmicutes has been associated with increasing risks

of obesity, and that was shown in rats,

and human trials are underway.

You know, there definitely is an issue

with drinking just a few sodas a day.

The caffeine, the pH, the phosphorus,

the addictive quality, the empty calories.

So why not just find some healthy alternatives?

What's wrong with some water-infused fruit

and a lot of other alternatives to just drinking soda?

This is Dr. Corey Howard, and I say "Nope."

I put a "no" on the one or two sodas a day.

Give your kid something else. Have a good day.

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