Do you want to offer your insights?

I would be hard-pressed to try to second guess

the decision one way or the other.

I mean obviously it's a tough question.

Do you give away what for them at that point,

I would say it was other than a physical keyboard

it was their second strongest marketing piece

as far as retaining consumers,

do you hand that away or not?

Interestingly we can sit here kind of in the middle

of the same decision that's being made

which is Microsoft trying to figure out whether or not

they're going to open up their Office platform to the other

IOS and Android and so it's kind of easy

maybe to sit and armchair quarterback in hindsight

but now we can look at one that's right in the middle of

the decision process and you know,

we'll see what Microsoft does with that.

As far as whether they'll do that or whether they'll

keep their own platform and try to retain

some of their base that way.

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