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Well, from the perspective of the Iranian regime,

this was a tactically wise move,

to bar Rafsanjani from running for presidency,

because they didn't want to have a candidate

who in the future will challenge the Supreme Leader.

So, from the perspective of the conservative,

of the hard liner,

and the followers of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

that was a wise move,

but if you look at it politically

and from a broader perspective,

you would see that what the regime did

by banning Rafsanjani from running for presidency,

actually they excluded the large section of the society

which were being represented

by Rafsanjani,

and these social groups are

the Bazaari, the merchant class,

some of the youth groups,

and the moderates.

So now the regime becomes more vulnerable

towards these groups,

and in order to defend itself,

in order to retain power,

it has to build

a much stronger defensive system,

and that in turn will make the regime more authoritarian,

and it becomes one man, one rule,

and that man would be the Supreme Leader

and his establishments.

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